The experience accrued over the years means that Segna Legnami is today able to develop custom-made structures in optimal response to demands presented.

Raw Material

Wood is an inexorable resource. Thanks to increasing attention paid to environmental issues, wood is now also taking back its rightful lead role in construction.


Segna Legnami is the ideal choice for designing and building wooden constructions intended for all architectonic, residential, commercial, industrial, sports and tourist contexts.


Production cycle

Segna Legnami pays constant attention to product quality, customer demands and new markets. It uses qualified staff and plants featuring the latest generation technology to carry out the most sophisticated works.

The production cycle is truly complete: from the raw material to the finished product.

Some varieties: FirLarchDouglasOak Chestnut

Wood is the material able to offer the best guarantees and technical solutions for the development of various types of constructions: given the significant large range of varieties present in nature, the one with the most suitable characteristics should be chosen depending on the work at hand.

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