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Douglas PSMN (pseudo tsuga mentziesii)
  • Appearance: whitish sapwood with yellowish and pinkish hues and pinkish/yellowish heartwood.
  • Specific weight: fresh 700 kg/m³; seasoned 500 kg/m³.
  • Natural durability: class 3/4.
  • Volume reduction: medium.
  • Characteristics: linear conformation and large size.
  • Uses: ideal for the production of Square-Edged Beams, Uso Fiume, Turned woods, Fencing and Poles for outdoor use, used both for support structures and for upholstery and furnishing elements.
  • Visible class: S7, S10, S13.
  • Mechanical resistance class: C16, C24, C35.

Duglasia PSMN (pseudo tsuga mentziesii)